Retargeting 5X Done For You Program

Done For You – we build and manage your Retargeting advertising campaign by unlocking the secret of consistent traffic to grow your business!

We are accepting new clients for our Beta program for a limited time, unlocking free access to our Done For You Retargeting 5X Advertising Program, normally a $499 value.  

5-Stars in 5-Days Reputation Boosting Offer
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Retargeting 5X Advertising Program

$499 Value at no cost to you!

  • Drive More Traffic at a Fraction of your PPC Costs
  • Amazing Done For You Graphical Banners Ads
  • Setup / Configure Of Retargeting PIXEL on Website
  • Retargeting Account Setup And Implementation
  • Show ads on millions of desktop & mobile websites 

Only 4 spots left.  Get Access to the beta program to build your Retargeting Advertising Account and Ad Assets at no cost, retail setup price is $499 after we close the beta program.

What is the Retargeting 5X Advertising Program?

We build your entire Retargeting Campaign, so you can capture 100% of your website visitors and re-engage them with highly targeted ads at a fraction of the cost of traditional ads.

We implement our Retargeting 5X Strategy for you with a personalized Retargeting Ad Campaign that focus on multiple stages in your customer's journey   – See Video Of This Strategy

This Retargeting Strategy  delivers 249% improvement over PPC advertising.


Less Than 4% Of Visitors Contact You… Losing 96% Of The Potential Customers - use retargeting to reconnec

Less Than 4% Of Visitors Contact You… Losing 96% Of The Potential Customers

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You Can Capture 100% Of All The Prospects That Visit Your Website With Retargeting

Less Than 12% Of Sites Retarget… Giving You An Edge On Your Competition

Less Than 12% Of Sites Retarget… Giving You An Edge On Your Competition

What Is Retargeting?

Retargeting is the ability to capture 100% of the visitors that come to your website, blog and landing page offer and market to them “LONG AFTER” they have left your page.

Proven Strategies by the AI Web Agency that help your business grow


The Ability To Maximize Your Brand And Convert Your Visitors With a Multi-Channel Multi-Messaging Approach (for less than you think!)

Our solution markets to your perfect targeted audience on a local and global scale by maximizing reach across devices, interests, and locations.

Want To Convert 96% Of  Website Visitors You're Losing Today?

Our Retargeting 5X Strategy – Done For You

Access to Our Pro Team

Done For You Retargeting Advertising by our Professional Team. As we explain in the video above, we know exactly how to create the ads, where to place them, and how to retarget and re-engage the 96% of website visitors you otherwise lose every day.

Proven Strategies

Get your Retargeting 5X Program launched today.  With our Guaranteed done for you system you will drive targeted low-cost traffic every single day to your website that converts into more sales at a fraction of the cost of your PPC campaigns.

249% Improved Results

See our Retarget Success Stories Case Studies, with 249% improvement over traditional advertising using our Retargeting 5X Strategy.  Grow your business by driving targeted low-cost traffic every day that converts to new sales.

Lead Generation, SEO Services, and web design services by the AI Web Agency

Why Use Retargeting?

Retargeting offers the lowest-cost acquisition method of paid traffic advertising. You can see 242% or greater improvement in customer acquisition costs when utilizing Retargeting.

Join Our limited BETA Program and we will cover all the setup costs 

Our Retargeting 5X BETA Program Done For You Setup


The secret to every successful campaign is banner ads that build your brand and drive qualified traffic. Our professional team has thousands of hours worth of research and experience using proven techniques to boost your brand.

We custom-build a high-converting graphical ad set for your Retargeting campaign (see examples to the side).  We custom-build 22 unique ad sizes so that your ads are visible across any applicable retargeting ad-display networks (for mobile, tablet, and desktop). (Value $497 – YOURS FREE)

 Proven & Effective Ad Design

We’ve researched thousands of the world's highest-converting banner ads to make sure that the ads we create for your campaign deliver results under our Retargeting 5X Strategy.

Split Testing

With your business goals and our Retargeting 5X Strategy, we split-test each ad feature and size by rotating the ads to optimize each for mobile, tablet, and desktop delivery.

Precision Ad Placement

We create 22 different ad sizes designed for different placements on any web page. The reason we deliver 22 unique ad sizes for your Retargeting 5X Campaign is to optimize for different devices like mobile, tablet. and desktops.


Achieve 249% HIGHER CONVERSIONS using our Retargeting 5X Program

View the 249% Improvement Retargeting Advertising Case Study


we build you a high converting ad set ideal for retargeting and converting the traffic that left your website to return and purchase from you
we build you a high converting ad set with 22 different sizes for retargeting


A dedicated account manager spends multiple hours with you and your team for onboarding, implementation, and success check-ins.  Our team assesses the effectiveness of your campaigns and implements adjustments to maximize your results. How? By analyzing success metrics and optimizing. on campaign elements. (Value $497 – YOURS FREE)

Measurement & Reporting

Reporting goes beyond measured results to create actionable marketing tasks. Our analytics and reporting drive increasingly better results. Campaigns are optimized for performance based on audiences, ad-type, ad-copy, design, and day-parting.

Expert Marketing Insights

Our expert insights provide strategy for your campaign purpose and direction.


Each campaign element goes through incremental improvements to achieve optimization.

Lead Generation, SEO Services, and web design services by the AI Web Agency


View this Retargeting Advertising Case Study

retargeting 249% improvement in advertising case study

Why Are We Doing This And Covering All Of The Costs?

Join Our BETA Program to Start Converting 96% Of Website Visitors You Are Loosing Today

Before we tell you why we’re offering over $1,500.00 of  Done For You content, campaign management, and access to our cutting-edge technology for getting you highly-targeted low-cost traffic every day that converts to new sales, we need to make one thing very clear…

We are only interested in working with serious business people who can see the value of taking their company growth and success to the next level.

All We Have Is A Few Simple Requirements.  So here’s the deal…

You Are Under No Obligation To Continue Using Our Service After The Beta Period.

So to make sure we don’t waste anyone’s time, in creating new graphical ads, setting up PIXELS, Campaigns, servers, optimizing landing pages, and setting you up to convert those 96% of website visitors you are loosing out on today… We will need to have a short conversation with you, at your convenience, which you can request below.

Work with the AI Web Agency - we will help you continue your success and growth journey


View this Retargeting Advertising Case Study

retargeting 112% improvement in advertising case study