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Professional Video Ad Package

Engage More Customers – Attract New Opportunities with our FREE Professional 30-60 Second Video Custom Built and Optimized for your business, a $799 value.

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FREE Professional 30-60 Second Video

Access to Our Pro Team

Access To Our Professional Video Production & Media Content Team : You'll have direct access to our World Class Professional Team that has years of experience and expertise to deliver highly-engaging video and advertising content.

Years of Proven Research

With years of research and design work, our video ads are PROVEN to boost your conversions.   Our High-Quality Produced Content will engage new customers and drive them to your website while generating new sales and opportunities.

Proven to Boost Conversions

We've researched the top high-converting Video Ads and identified the top concepts to leverage for your business.  We invest our time and expertise to customize the story board, script, and video to deliver results. 

Appear as the Authority with Top Visibility

AI-Powered SEO Ranking

The AI-Powered technology we have developed is designed to rank your videos at the top quickly.  These videos serve as small advertisements and information about your business that position you as an authority.

See this video we ranked in the #1 spot in less than 24 hours using our AI-Powered technology!

YouTube is the #2 search engine and owned by Google.  What most people don't realize is that Google will place video content from YouTube above the organic search results visible right on Google!.

Our unique strategy ranks videos for your business that show up in the Google search results for potential clients looking for exactly what you offer.  Best yet, it makes your business and your brand an authority on what you do by showing in the most visible spots when potential clients search for relevant products and services you offer.

Our AI technology will put your business, your content, and ultimately your service at the top visible position to get you better-qualified leads, and more sales, and ultimately grow your business.



AI-Powered seo optimized videos - rank your business at the top.
Free Professional Video Ad Package Worth 9
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SEO Optimized – High Ranking, High converting Videos For Your Business

Video Ad Production

We provide a complete done-for-you solution that delivers professional 30-60 second videos that are search engine optimized to deliver high-converting traffic to your YouTube channel, LinkedIn account, Facebook page, and website.  With our new AI-powered technology, we optionally offer you the ability to clone your voice for the video(s) so that your audience can hear your voice, tone and messaging.  Additionally, with our AI-powered search engine optimization technology, we are able to syndicate and post your video so that it will rank quickly for the keyword messaging you wish to deploy.

We utilize the latest technology and invest our time and expertise to give you a Video Ad that brings you more engaged customers and new business.  Our Video Production includes syndication to YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, your website, and more – where we will publish your video, the transcript, and relevant keywords, phrases, and focus words that make your video rank to the top for people searching what your business offers.

Our videos are custom-scripted with the specific keywords, terms, phrases, offerings, and services that your business offers.  Our videos will bring you relevant viewers looking for what you have to offer.  These viewers find your video because of the search optimization we imbed in both the video and transcript, which delivers you new potential clients that are hungry for exactly what you provide.  This in turn provides high-converting traffic, which is far more valuable per view or click compared to traditional advertising.

The goal of these videos we produce is to convert new audiences into taking action such as booking an appointment, signing up for an introductory special offer, or simply calling you for more information.

We are offering this professional video package at no cost to qualified businesses who sign up during this introductory offer period.  Hurry before this offer expires,  we typically charge $799 for this custom video package that we produce, optimize for search engines, and syndicate across all channels on your behalf. 

Let us help you build a video audience outreach plan that actually grows your business!