Email Secrets- Tips, Secrets, Strategies, Mistakes to Avoid with your email marketing
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Email Secrets

Tips, Secrets, Strategies, and Mistakes to Avoid

Take Email Marketing to a new level with 101 of the best tips, checklists, ideas, and hacks to create a more profitable list in any niche.


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Take the Mystery Out of Making Money With Mailing Lists

You know a bit about email marketing. Maybe you’re even working on growing and monetizing a list. But something is missing. It’s like you just need a few key pieces of information to have everything fall into place.

Every list builder has been right where you are at one time or another. Some people can build lists, but the lists aren’t profitable. And other people can generate cash with their list, but they struggle to grow their subscribers. Some people struggle with both building and monetizing the list.

Email Secrets cracks the code wide open to show you how to succeed with the best email marketing tips and strategies.

Who Is This Book For?

Honestly, everyone should read it… but specifically, this course is for smart entrepreneurs and marketers who are looking to boost their online income and take their businesses to the next level.

It's Perfect for entrepreneurs, side hustlers, bloggers, content creators, and Internet marketers who want to use email to generate high-converting products and increase their online income.

What's The Cost?

We are launching this completely FREE to you, but you have to act fast because this ‘Early Bird’ launch deal is only available for a limited time. Get you copy right now before we set the retail price to $29.95.

How Will This Book Help Me?

By the end of this comprehensive guide, you'll have all the tools you need to take your online business to the next level.

This is a collection of 101 of the best tips, checklists, ideas, hacks, and mistakes to avoid in your email marketing. If just ONE of these tips helps you create even just ONE extra sale this week .....

— Adam W, Author

With Email Secrets you will discover 101 "Must Know" tips for emailing and marketing that include:

Where To Start

Starting the right way with the right topic, the right monetization method, the right autoresponder, and more.

Know the Market

Getting a deep understanding of your market so that you can send them content and offers that really appeal to them.

Lead Magnets

Creating irresistible lead magnets that attract subscribers and persuade them to purchase a related offer.

Lead Pages

Crafting compelling, high-response lead pages that help you grow your list fast.

Planning Content

Planning your campaigns and content to build subscriber loyalty and generate revenue.


Driving targeted traffic to your lead page using both free and paid advertising methods.

Less is More Theory


Creating useful, but incomplete content across your campaigns – what this means and how to use it to generate sales.

How to utilize a broad variety of content and promos to monetize your list.