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Growth is the DNA and foundation of our focus in everything we provide to our clients.

The AI Web Agency offers marketing services that make our clients' phones ring, their websites fill with visitors, and keeps existing and potential new clients engaged.

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High-converting Sales Funnels, Lead Pages, Lead Magnets, Membership Sites and more are among our tools to dramatically grow business.


Growth comes from a strong brand reputation. We provide Google Business Profile services and complete online reputation management.


Website Performance boosts with viral engagement tools ensure your audience is maximized to spread the word about your brand.


Beyond SEO - Dominate the First Page by having Google, Bing, and YouTube Auto-Complete search terms exclusively to your business.

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About Us


The AI Web Agency is the premier Digital Marketing Agency offering proven marketing and growth strategies backed by cutting-edge AI-Powered technology that helps our clients grow their businesses.

The AI Web Agency includes the exact growth strategies, marketing psychology, and cutting-edge technology that our founder used to generate over $100M in sales over the span of his prior businesses.

Our Agency is the result of those very strategies developed over more than a decade and combined with the latest technology to deliver results to our clients.

We are focused on helping our clients grow.  We utilize Search Box Optimization, SEO,  Lead Generation combined with Sales Funnels, Lead Magnets, Email Autoresponders combined with optimized landing pages to drive your growth.

Growth is the DNA and foundation of our focus in everything we provide to our clients.  Our marketing services make our clients' phones ring, their websites fill with visitors, and keeps their existing and potential new clients engaged.

We deliver this growth both online and offline, to local businesses and national brands. We leverage the power of AI to provide precision personalized content delivered via Email, Phone, Web, and Social Media to help businesses grow.

One of the most amazing items in the world of marketing and business growth is how small tweaks in your strategy can produce dramatic swings in your results.  Our team is passionate about finding new tweaks and leveraging AI Technology to help your business grow.  We are inspired every day to maximize results with our strategies that can quickly drive the needle massively in your favor.

When you read through the different services we offer you will see there are multiple strategies, technologies and tweaks we can deploy to achieve outsized results.  Contact us for a free growth strategy consultation.

Neighborhood Focused Results

Local SEO

Dominating Local Search is crucial for local businesses.  Search Engines deliver over 80% of all leads for local service businesses and if you aren't on the front page of Google you basically don't exist when it comes time to call a plumber, tree service company, electrician, or other 'need it now' service related business.  When someone searches for "locksmith" google already knows you mean "I want a locksmith near me in my town or city" and automatically appends the city name or town to the search internally to find results.  If that person is in a town 15 miles away, you will not necessarily be at the top of the search results even if you are already the top locksmith in your current city/town 15 miles away.

Our Local SEO focused optimization combined with our custom back-end app expands your local reach to the top of the search rankings in a fifty-mile radius.  We utilize our back end app to repurpose your existing content such as Videos, Blog Posts, Social Posts to essentially duplicate the work we did in the SEO Audit above, but for each neighboring town/city in which you service.  Suddenly you are no longer JUST the service provider at the top of the page for your city or town, you are at the top of the page for anyone searching within 50 miles!

Managing your Google Business Profile is crucial to Local SEO rankings - and there is a lot of misinformation on the Internet today that will actually set your SEO rankings in reverse regarding Google Business Profiles if you are not careful.  Our team provides comprehensive setup, monitoring and configuration of your profile and tie this to the content on your website (and the authority content we mentioned below in part III - SEO Authority Building)

Some Examples What to Manage For your Google Business Profile

Verify Google Business Profile

We will help you claim, verify and configure your Business Profile

Add High-Quality Photos, Videos, Posts

Authoritative content helps rank your GMB - and creates more leads

Keep Hours Up To Date

A simple but important item - hours for normal / holiday operation

Manage and respond to Reviews

Reviews and actively responding is a big metric with GMB ranking

Get More Customers

Search Box Optimization

Introducing Search Box Optimization (SBO) - The Revolutionary SEO Breakthrough!

Are you exhausted from fighting an endless battle against ads and search results for your target audience's attention? With SBO, you can finally leave traditional Search Engine Optimization and advertising methods in the dust, effortlessly reaching highly targeted and valuable clients.

Here's how SBO Search Box Optimization works its magic: Imagine being the t First Auto-Complete entry that appears right at the top when potential clients search for precisely what they need. By strategically positioning your business, you leapfrog over your competition and become the go-to solution clients instinctively trust.

Unlike paid ads, Search Box Optimization capitalizes on the power of intent. When users start to enter their search term their readiness to take action is significantly higher.  When your business is show as the top solution in the Auto-Complete by industry titans like Google, Bing, or YouTube, your conversion rates dramatically increase.

This is an extraordinary opportunity to connect with clients actively seeking your unique products or services. When they click on the Auto-Complete result, they're instantly transported to a search results page that mimics the familiar layout of typical search engine results. The difference? Only YOUR business is prominently featured in every organic result. Your business profile stands tall and proud, exclusively dominating the right side.

But the magic doesn't stop there. When users click on your Auto-Complete result, the social proof of Google, Bing, and YouTube comes into play. They land on a search results page where YOUR business outranks and outshines every competitor. No distractions, no rivals. Just your business, firmly positioned at the forefront.

At The AI Web Agency, we are the trailblazers of Search Box Optimization. We ensure that your business claims the coveted first and only spot on Auto-Complete for high-intent searches matching precisely what your business offers.

Say goodbye to crowded search result pages teeming with competitors fighting for attention. With our meticulously crafted Search Box Optimized results, your potential clients are whisked away to a custom-tailored search results pages on Google, YouTube or Bing showcasing ONLY your business as the unrivaled champion. Your listing, details, news, and articles take center stage, leaving your audience captivated like never before.

Don't allow this extraordinary opportunity to revolutionize your online presence slip through your fingers. Contact The AI Web Agency today and unlock the untapped potential of Search Box Optimization.

The AI Web Agency Search Box Optimization Service

Dominate Google, YouTube, and Bing Anywhere

Search Box Optimization works on all computer platforms, operating systems, and mobile devices.  

Be In Front Of Every Potential Client

Whether it's Google, Bing or YouTube - you will be the only business your client sees to auto-complete their search.

Detailed Reporting

We provide detailed reporting that shows you the results generated from Search Box Optimized clicks.

Gain New Customers

Bypass your competition, be the only business your potential client sees to solve their high-intent search.

100% Guaranteed Results

We guarantee we will get your business listed in the top position for auto-complete for the exact phrase you want for your product or service, or you pay nothing.

google autocomplete search box optimization

Increase Your Customers

Lead Generation Services

Finding new customers comes down to offering something irresistible and valuable to get their attention, their contact information and finally showing them what you have to offer to get the sale.

We offer complete ready-made lead generation solutions for business in any niche.   From custom-built websites, Video Courses (such as training videos on home gardening) to books with accompanying audiobooks (on topics such as Tax Planning)  we have specific lead magnets that are in demand that your potential clients will find irresistible to give you their contact details and the opportunity to sell them your core product or service.

Some Examples:

Lead Magnets

How-To Videos, Books, Audiobooks, and more

Lead Pages

Purpose built web pages to obtain new interested leads

Custom Lead Generation Websites

Purpose built sites to directly generate inbound leads

1-Click Prospect Email List Building

Advanced frictionless email list building at the push of a button

Generating and Converting Sales Leads
lead magnet marketing services

Award Winning Certified Experts

Our Passionate team has over 25 years experience providing digital marketing and online growth services to businesses. We grow together with our clients, and we're dedicated to your goals.


We specialize in optimizing and building Sales Funnels that are high converting to dramatically grow your revenue, clients and maximize revenue per client.


Our Online Reputation Management service grows your audience and ranks your business to create an unstoppable source of traffic.


We design landing pages, lead pages, lead magnets and websites that convert your visitors to leads and ultimately sales and revenues



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