AI-Powered Time Lapse Advertising

AI-Powered Time Lapse Advertising Service shows ads to the most qualified people wherever they go – offering low-cost high high-converting leads for your business.

Time Lapse Advertising

AI-Powered time lapsed advertising places your ads in front of the most qualified potential clients.

This strategy offers the best value at finding qualified targeted leads for your business that convert and generate sales.

We use our AI-Powered systems to monitor and track the cell phones of everyone who visits a location (your competitor, or a similar business – or even your own business) and advertise directly to them on their phone anywhere they go.

This system offers a substantially lower cost per lead than any other direct marketing ad-buys, typically at a fraction of the cost of traditional pay per click campaigns.

Time Lapse Advertising Targets Visitors Going back 12 Months

AI-Powered Advertising That Delivers Results

Target Your Customers

Our AI-Powered advertising technology will track the visitors to your business via their unique phone signature.  This unique phone signature is called a MAC ID and we are connected to the cell phone companies, Google, Apple and Samsung to be able to track the movement of phones for the purposes of advertising.

We Track The Last 12 Months

Our AI-Powered advertising technology can pull the data and track going back in time, 12 months to create a unique list of people to advertise to.  Anyone who has visited your business in the last 12 months, we can track and advertise to them – even if you sign up today, we have the data going back 12 months!

Advertise To Them Anywhere The Go

Our system lets you display your ads directly to the phones of those we target, no matter where they go.  You can display your ads to this targeted audience  within a geographic area, or anywhere in the world if you like.   These ads will show on their phone at home, on the go, anywhere you want to advertise!

Target The Most Qualified People

Show Your Ads On Their Phone Anywhere They Go

Show Your Ads Right On The Phones Of A Highly-Targeted Audience

AI-Powered Time Lapse Advertising slide4 target them on their phone

Show Your Ads to the Most Qualified People wherever They Go Right On Their phone

Target Highly Interested New Potential Clients


The ultimate strategy of our AI-Powered Time Lapse Advertising system focuses on finding high-converting new potential clients by targeting your competitors' locations.

Our technology can geographically track every customer going into your competitor's business going back 12 months, just like we target your business location. 

We can create a highly-targeted high-converting audience that visited your competitor, and now you can advertise to them directly for a fraction of the cost it would normally take to find similar interested potential clients with traditional pay-per-click advertising.

You can now introduce your 5-star brand to this new audience, and present unique offers to capture their attention now and in the future.

We can go back in time up to 12 months, capture that audience, and present your ads right on their phones anywhere they go.

With the power of AI, it is now possible to advertise to these highly targeted audiences, push past your competition, and grow your business at a fraction of the cost compared with traditional advertising.

 The AI Web agency offers a complete done-for-you advertising solution that leverages the power of AI to get you more qualified leads that convert and generate sales, so you can grow your business with a predictable flow of opportunities.

Call the AI Web Agency at 518-490-4601 or book a strategy call at no cost with our team, we can show you how our system can deliver repeatable measurable results with highly qualified new leads in as little as 24 hours!


AI-Powered Time Lapse Advertising slide7 target your competitor customers on their phone everywhere they go
AI-Powered Time Lapse Advertising slide6 target your competitors customers