Press Release July 11 2023 AI Web Agency Goes Beyond SEO – Dominate The First Page with AI-powered Search Box Optimization


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ALBANY, NEW YORK (July 11th, 2023)


AI Web Agency Goes Beyond SEO – Dominate The First Page with AI-powered Search Box Optimization


The AI Web Agency, a leading provider of cutting-edge digital marketing solutions, is proud to introduce its revolutionary new Search Box Optimization (SBO) service. This groundbreaking offering allows businesses to go beyond traditional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and capture the exclusive attention of high-intent potential clients at the exact moment they need a product or service.


With over 70% of all searches utilizing auto-complete according to Google, being recommended by Google through the Search Bar Auto-Complete feature is a powerful form of social proof that validates a business to potential new clients. The AI Web Agency leverages its existing SEO service delivery platform with the power of AI to exclusively offer the technology that gets businesses listed as the first and only auto-complete result for Google, YouTube, and Bing.


“Imagine the impact of having Google recommend your business when someone is searching for products or services you offer,” said Adam Wills, CEO and Founder at The AI Web Agency. “With SBO, this becomes a reality, giving you exclusive ownership of high-intent potential client eyeballs over your competitors because there can be only one top Auto-Complete result for the Search Box.”


Search Box Optimization (SBO) is the next level of SEO that capitalizes on the power of intent. Using the Search Box Optimization technology, businesses secure the top position in the auto-complete search bar and position themselves as the trusted solution that potential clients instinctively turn to. Unlike paid ads, SBO enables businesses to appear as the endorsed top solution via the Auto-Complete in the search bar, exponentially increasing the chances of conversion.


This game-changing opportunity allows businesses to connect with potential clients actively searching for their unique products or services. When users click on the auto-complete result, they are directed to a search results page where only that one business is featured with no competitors or distractions.


The key benefit of Search Box Optimization is that your business exclusively occupies every organic result on the search results page. Clients are directed to a search results page that resembles a typical search engine results page, but with a crucial difference – only YOUR business is featured in every organic result. This dominant presence ensures that potential clients are captivated by your offerings without any distractions from competitors.


To learn more about how Search Box Optimization can revolutionize your online presence, visit our website at https://WebAgency.AI/sbo


About The AI Web Agency:


The AI Web Agency is a leading digital marketing agency, specializing in cutting-edge techniques and strategies that leverage the power of artificial intelligence to help businesses thrive in the digital landscape. With a focus on lead generation service and Search Box Optimization, they help businesses dominate search engine results pages and connect with high-intent clients. Their team of experts is dedicated to driving success and achieving exceptional results for their clients.   Learn more at https://WebAgency.AI.




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