The AI Web Agency Launches AI-Powered Time Lapse Advertising


AI-Powered time lapse advertising targets the most qualified people wherever they go at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising


ALBANY, NEW YORK (October 25th, 2023)

The AI Web Agency Introduces Cutting-Edge AI-Powered Time Lapse Advertising Technology

The AI Web Agency, a leading provider of cutting-edge digital marketing solutions, is proud to introduce its AI-powered advertising service that targets the most qualified leads, anywhere they go, at a fraction of traditional advertising costs. The technology promises to transform how businesses reach potential clients, employing advanced AI algorithms to place ads in front of the most promising prospects, based on their real-world behavior and locations they visit.

This game-changing service flips the script on traditional pay-per-click campaigns. By monitoring and leveraging unique mobile device signatures known as MAC IDs, The AI Web Agency can track individuals who have visited specific locations, including competitor businesses or related venues. The system then serves these prime leads compelling ads wherever they use their phones—on popular websites like ESPN, Yahoo, Reddit, Facebook, and everywhere else they spend their online time.

The strategic advantage doesn't stop there. Not only can businesses target audiences based on past location visits, but they can also re-engage with anyone who has visited their premises in the last year. This long-view approach to audience targeting is what gives “Time Lapse Advertising” its name and its edge.

“Our AI-Powered Time Lapse Advertising isn't just a step forward in targeted marketing—it's a quantum leap,” said Adam Wills, CEO and Founder of The AI Web Agency. “By analyzing data from the past 12 months, we can create a highly specific audience profile of highly-interested potential buyers and then propel your brand straight to their mobile screens, whether they're at home, in a store, or anywhere else. It's about reaching the right people, at the right time, right where they are.  It's not just about more leads; it's about smarter leads.”

In addition to its precision targeting, The AI Web Agency's service enables companies to promote multiple offers, showcase their 5-star reputations, and build robust brand awareness and loyalty among potential customers.

As businesses battle for visibility in a crowded digital space, the AI Web Agency is confident that its AI-Powered Time Lapse Advertising is the silver bullet for cost-effective, high-conversion advertising.

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